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Pet Portraits

My Pet Portraits are unique. I don't paint your pet as you see them but in a fanciful way with a whimsical color palette.Each pet portrait is an original commission.

Prices begin @ $300. 

Cat in a Bag.jpg
Sterly photo.jpg

Meet Sterly. Sterly got into the bag of Christmas paper and bubble wrap. ON the right is the actual photo. On the left is my interpretation of it. 


Pucchi was my daughter's best friend's cat. She passed away suddenly and I was asked to paint her. Though I painted her in my style, her owner felt I'd captured her unique personality. 

Sherlock & His Fish.jpg
Sherlock photo

Sherlock (AKA Sherlock-the-Terrible) is my cat. I caught him with his favorite toy fish and painted him that way. 

Birdie photo.jpg

Here's Birdie. My other cat. Named because he chirps rather than meows.  He has a bad eye. He was all beat up when we rescued him. I didn't think anyone else would want him. He has a very sweet disposition. Cats do love to get into bags, don't they?

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