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A Day in the Life

This has been one of those days when you shouldn’t even try to work. Getting new stuff ready for the Master Gardener's Convention. I came up with the idea to make “mini posters” with gardening quotes. I’ll also turn them into cards. This painting turned out fine EXCEPT for the bit of red paint I somehow smeared on the poster. It was a staining color so I couldn’t get it all off. Then I remembered Steve telling me about fixing stuff in Photoshop. So...I continued on with the painting. Sure enough, I was able to get the red off in Photoshop. Yea! That took 20 minutes. Then I printed the image. I’d already done the border before I painted the flowers. For some crazy reason, one of the lines in the border didn’t print. I was afraid I’d have to redo the entire thing because I couldn’t figure out why. I mean, it looked fine on the screen. Then I came up with the idea to redraw the line with a green fine point gel pen. No way to adjust the line once it was out of Word and painted on. Fortunately, that worked. Of course I had to make sure the ruler was EXACTLY on the original line. That took an hour. Rescanned & printed it. Fine. Looked good. Until I noticed that the border lines had printed THROUGH the watercolor leaves that went over the border. Back to Photoshop. Instructed by Steve (my husband, the photographer behind “Aquarelle Foto”) on how to “clone” & erase lines. 45 minutes later, looking good again. Printed. Realized I’d neglected to sign it. Signed it, rescanned and hit “print”. Nothing. Error message: Printer low on ink. Sigh 😔. Inserted new ink cartridge. Waited for printer to align. Hit “print” again. 15 minutes. Error: out of paper. FINALLY got a decent print after probably 4 hours on and off. This is why original art is more expensive than mass produced. Or at least why mine is.

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