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  • Mary-Ellen Thomas

What I like best...

...About doing shows like the Master Gardeners. You’d think it would be selling my art. You’d be wrong. Certainly that’s satisfying but the BEST thing is the people I meet. My next door neighbor is selling jewelry. There are ALWAYS tons of jewelry selling booths @ shows, right? Ho-hum. she was pitching it as “made from real flowers “. Turns out she and her business partner DO make the jewelry from real flowers. Flowers her partner took 12 years learning how to grow as bonsai size plants with blooms. They have teeny 🌹 , forget-me-nots, sunflowers 🌻 and more! Then they imbed them in an acrylic medium and attach findings. What patience that must have taken. Now they have a large greenhouse where they grow their tiny flowers perpetually. Isn’t that great? Stay tuned. Another story tomorrow.

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