Contemplative Women

Welcome to my ongoing series of "Women in a Contemplative Mood". My goal is to capture the beauty of women of all ages while reflecting. I hope you find them inspiring as I do when I choose one to paint. Prints are available. I also do portraits on commission from photos. Prices begin @ $300. 

Contemplative Women I

Contemplative Women II

With the exception of "Erika"(Contemplative Women V) all images are from a free online photo reference site. No attribution required. 

Contemplative Women IV

Contemplative Women III

Contemplative Women V

"Erika" was photographed by Karsten Thormaehlen for his book on Centenarians. He gave me permission to paint her. She was 102 when my reference photo was taken. She died in 2013. I was struck by the intelligence and wisdom shining from her eyes. 

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