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A collection of people from all different walks of life. Prints available. 

I also do portraits from photos by commission.

Pricing begins @ $300.

The Lighthouse Keeper.jpg

The Lighthouse Keeper (and he is one) from a photo by Laurel Housden. Used with permission. 

The Lighthouse Keeper

The Hero Painted in the early days of the pandemic. Photo courtesy Emiley Price of Devin Walsh. Taken at Kroger in Russellville, AR. I saw the photo on Facebook.  It evoked a strong feeling in me. I requested their permission to paint it. Emiley caught Devin during a quick pause as he re stacked grocery carts. He had been working many hours and was utterly exhausted. We have many of these Heroes keeping us safe today, not just on the front lines. 

the hero.jpg

The Hero

The Street Dancers.jpg

The Street Dancers from a photo by Raymond Cruz (@shotsbyrayray). Used with permission. Ray was riding around in Houston, doing what he does best: street photography. He captured this couple in a wonderful pose. I though it would make great painting. Their postures are so expressive!

The Street Dancers

The Swimmer.jpg

The Swimmer

I do love to paint athletes, although I'm certainly not one. I found this in a free online photo reference for artists. I love everything about it. The movement. The water splashing. Her reflection. I had it printed onto canvas. You can see that below. 

The Swimmer Large.jpg

The Chiropractor

A portrait of Dr. Annie Wood, my Chiropractor. 

The Reader.jpg

The Reader


Unsung Hero.jpg

Unsung Hero

Another painting inspired by the Pandemic. Whatever would we do without these Heroes?

The Diver.jpg
The Diver Large.jpg

The Diver

shown above in a large canvas print. These require no framing for a very modern look. 

The Tennis Player

Wouldn't this be a unique gift for the Tennis enthusiast in your life?

The Tennis Player.jpg
The Farmer.jpg

The Farmer

We have great Farmer's Markets nearby. I love that!

The Beekeeper.jpg

The Beekeeper

I have several friends who keep bees. I painted this in their honor. 

The Guitar Player.jpg
The Guitar Player lg.jpg

The Guitar Player

I enjoy painting things in unusual colors, like his hat. 

This is a wrapped canvas print of The Guitar Player. Canvas prints can be ordered. They don't require framing. Ready to hang on arrival. 

Flip Flops.jpg

Flip Flops

Beachy paintings make me happy. 


The Quilter

The double wedding ring design is steeped in a rich historical tradition dating back as far as the 15th century. It is reminiscent of the “Gimmal ring,” a popular engagement ring in which the betrothed couple each wore one ring during their engagement, and then the rings were interlocked during the wedding ceremony and worn by the wife. The pattern was first published in the United States in the early 1920s,The Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern has long been a symbol of love and romance with its interlocking rings symbolizing marriage. The quilt was traditionally made by mothers and grandmothers for their children and given as gifts on their wedding day or anniversaries. Painted in honor of my friends who are avid quilters and my mother-in-law who quilted beautifully by hand. Twenty Two stitches to the inch! I have several of her heirloom quilts.

Date Night

Those were the Days. 

Date Night.jpg
The Florist.jpg

The Florist

Cutting a white Peony, my favorite flower. 


The point of this painting is to show men of color in roles they are not typically thought of. 


The Surgical Nurse

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